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Class Records

Class Records
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class records
as of 2022

Overall Records

Flat Track

Gary Morris 11/1/2008 Bad Manners 2.146

Small Bog

Ronnie Allen 11/5/2016 Yellow Jacket 3.998

Big Pit

Jeremy Smith 07/14/2018 Still No Problem 3.957

Bog Pits

Kids Class

Dorthy Odum 05/24/2014 White Jeep 6.767

4 & 6 Modified

Jeff Johnson 07/14/2018 Carolina Reaper 5.069

Street Stock 4 6 & 8

Lonnie Howard 11/8/2014 Strokin 5.607

Small Tire Super Street

Dustin Doak 12/10/2016 Black Jeep 5,441

Small Tire Renegade

Gregory Sanderson 03/08/2008 Blue f-150 Step side 4.960

B Super Street

Lonnie Howard 07/14/2018 Junk Yard Express 4.931

Big Tire Renegade

Jeremy Smith 07/14/2018 Still No Problem 3.957


Ronnie Allen 11/5/2016 Yellow Jacket 3.998


Jeremy Smith 07/14/2018 Still No Problem 3.760

Unlimited Tire

Jeremy Smith 07/14/2018 Still No Problem 3.520

Flat Track

1A Super Street

Nick Bradley 06/09/2012 Dodge 2500 4.690

A Super Street

Richard Lombardi 09/20/2008 80 CJ7 Blue 4.226

Light Mod

Kevin Sanderson 06/07/2014 3.041


Jason King 06/16/2012 Hot Shot 3.690

Injected Class

Chuck Brown 11/4/2006 Mudaholic 2.676
Open Paddles
Chuck Brown 06/07/2014 Mudaholic 2.510

Super Pro Blower

Chris Newton 06/14/2008 Hostile Projectile 2.432
Open Paddles
Gary Morris 11/01/2008 Bad Manners 2.146

Special Event Payout

This will be posed before the events. Same vehicle may only take one place in a class. Same driver can take two places in the same class but with different vehicles. All Classes will have and wear seat restraints and helmets. All classes have two runs. If street class has 20+ entries, only top 10 trucks get a second run in both pits. $200.00 IF YOU BEAT THE TRACK RECORD, HELD BY GARY MORRIS, OF 2.146 SECONDS.

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r e v i e w s

Been going here for years,if you like mud this is the place to be!!

Google Review
Darren Hawes

Its always amazing to go and watch every one race and enjoy life just wish they had a place to race and ride dirt bikes

Google Review
John Graziano

Great place to bring the family for a night of excitement n mudding.....everyone, the staff an spectators are friendly an new friends here.....

Google Review

Me and my husband had a blast. Our first time there and we will go back

Google Review
Sheila Squires

Loved every minute of it everybody was nice and friendly definitely a good time

Google Review
Michael Diflora

I absolutely LOVE this mud bog! It is owned and operated by some incredible people who go above and beyond to ensure you have a great experience!!

Google Review
Michelle Calkins

One of the best places to have fun and enjoy the thrill of the race. Just make sure to bring bug repellent and cash with you!!!

Google Review
Frederick Pou


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