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Rules and


Fire Suits are Mandatory if you are running Alcohol.

Mounted Fire Extinguishers are Mandatory.

Same truck CAN run street and modified on the same night.

We Will Not Hold The Class Up For You To Change Your TIRES. NO Exception.

All Classes Must have 3 Entries for Guaranteed Money, or in all modified classes with one entry, track adds one entry for a 200% payback.

Street Stock

Uncut DOT tires Rim to 38.5”

Must be street Legal: Must have working headlights, taillights, Four wheel brakes & Muffler

  • Must have have factory body and frame
  • No cutting or gutting drivers compartment or firewall and or body except for tire clearance
  • No engine setbacks and tires must be center of wheel well open.
  • Must have a floor in bed
  • Must have a Dash, factory or metal aftermarket gauges are OK in stock location.
  • Must have factory type suspension: Lift kits and Ladders bars OK. No floaters, No 4 Links.
  • Must have same engine as vehicle
  • No engine modifications
  • Stock engine only and must pull 13” of Vacuum at 800 rpm
  • Diesel’s with stock Turbo and inlet only
  • Aluminum intakes, Open headers and aftermarket carburetor OK.
  • NO TURBOS unless came Stock from factory on that vehicle and No Modifications at all. Other than that       “NO TURBOS”
  • No aftermarket turbo or Blowers , No nitrogenous

4 & 6 CYL.  Class   Rim to 36 Dot.

Modified 4&6 Cyl. Class Unlimited Tire
  • Body must look close to factory
  • wheelbase of 150”
  • Gutting of bed allowed. Bed skins Are OK
  • Interior gutting is ok “Safety First”
  • Must be a full firewall between you and motor.
  • Race seat is OK
  • Any Suspension is ok
  • Any 4& 6 Cyl. Engine Any type truck.
  • Upright headers are OK
  • Trans brake allowed
  • Any OEM or OEM replacement frame. Must retain (2) stock cross members (Unused Brackets and cross members. “May be removed at the discretion of the builder”
  • Front and Rear differentials, Transmission and transfer case. Can be upgraded. NO final drives or Unimog axles. (Any OEM or Aftermarket Enclosed transfer Case Allowed)


  • All open top vehicles must have a full roll cage

A-MOD – Old School Bogging

SMALL BLOCK only Tires Rim to 38.5”
SMALL BLOCK only Tires BIG Tire rim to 44″
Big block and Small Block Tractor Tires Rim to 44″
  • Small Block with one carburetor only.
  • 4150 max. carburetor
  • Any body
  • Upright headers are OK


  • S.S.  4 & 6 Cylinder DOT tire Rim to  38.5
  • S.S. V8 DOT tire Rim to  44”
  • Heavy Class Full body DOT tire Rim to 44”
  • Diesel Class Stock size air inlet Rim to 44”
  • Consistency open tire
  • Injection Open TIRE  Class
  • Blower Open TIRE Class
  • Side by Sides, with roll cages and seatbelts. OK.
  • Classes are: bog pit and flat pit.
  • Modified tires and lift.
  • All Terrain Vehicle
  • ATV’s can run with the Side X Sides

Kids Class

Tires Rim to 36”
  • Street Stock factory  engine and vehicles
  • 4 & 6 Cyl. Only
  • Max age 15
  • Minimum age up to track official for safety reasons.
  • Lift kits and tire changes OK
  • Child can’t participate in any other class.
  • Must have a Kill Switch in reach of rider


Small Tire – Rim to 38.5” Big Tire – Rim to 44”
  • Must have factory body & frame
  • No gutting drivers compartment, No cutting of firewall and or body except for tire clearance
  • No engine setbacks and tires must be center of wheel well open.
  • Must have floor in bed
  • Must have a Dash, factory or metal aftermarket gauges are OK in stock location.
  • Must use factory type suspension; lift kits OK; Ladder bars OK, No Floaters; No 4 links
  • Engine modifications Allowed
  • No Aluminum engine blocks or heads unless O.E.M. factory motor, body and chassis for that year vehicle from factory!
  • Aluminum heads w/dual plane intake and 4150 carb. no spacer
  • Steel heads can run single plane intake and 4150 carb. max.
  • Gas, Alcohol or diesel fuel only; No Nitrous Oxide
  • No Blowers , superchargers  or aftermarket turbo
  • Straight Axles in Rangers S-10 etc. OK Must have working headlights & Four wheel brakes
  • TURBOS Gas or Diesel’s that came stock from factory. are OK for Super street. Stock Turbo and inlet only.
  • Must have same engine as vehicle OR 16  apply
  • All small and mid size COLORADO, DAKOTES, RANGERS mini trucks , mini suv’s All Must draw vacuum 13″ @ 800 RPM’s “IDLING”,  Down size Body any type Engine conversion other that body type like Jeep with Chev. Motor must be Small block, Must draw vacuum 17″ @ 800 RPM’s “IDLING”, Dual plane intake only, 4150 Carburetor, No Aluminium blocks or heads,   Factory working leafs springs, NO coil over’s what so ever and No adjustable shocks “Like King coils”


Small tire – Rim to 38.5” Big Tire – Rim to 44”
  • Changing driver seat to a racing seat is OK. Must have at least a 4 point harness.
  • Kill switch in reach of driver in seatbelt.
  • Up rights headers are OK
  • Drive shaft loops required
  • Bed and interior gutting is OK
  • Engine conversion are allowed in this class.
  • No Nitrous, Blowers or superchargers
  • Must have factory type suspension, lift kits ok, NO floaters or four links, min of 3 working leaf springs!
  • Straight Axles in Rangers S-10 etc. OK
  • Factory Wheelbase or center of wheel well .
  • Cutting of wheel wells OK, Must have firewall and floor pans in stock location.

12   Must have a Secure and Visible hook point


Small and Big Block Engines

B- Mod   Tires Rim to 38.5
C-Mod   Tires Rim to 44” tires
Modified unlimited tire class “NO BLOWERS”
  • No Blowers, engine superchargers or Nitrous
  • Must have Driveshaft loops on both ends of shafts
  • Roll cage Required for this class welded or bolted to frame. Minimum of 6 point.
  • Must have Factory chassis or tubing rectangle 2X3 or 2 round tubes 1 5/8” in size
  • Must have SFI transmission, if not must have scatter shield or approved blanket
  • Kill switch in reach of driver in seatbelt.
  • Must have toe strap on accelerator and push pull cable.
  • Must have a Secure and Visible hook point


r e v i e w s

Been going here for years,if you like mud this is the place to be!!

Google Review
Darren Hawes

Its always amazing to go and watch every one race and enjoy life just wish they had a place to race and ride dirt bikes

Google Review
John Graziano

Great place to bring the family for a night of excitement n mudding.....everyone, the staff an spectators are friendly an new friends here.....

Google Review

Me and my husband had a blast. Our first time there and we will go back

Google Review
Sheila Squires

Loved every minute of it everybody was nice and friendly definitely a good time

Google Review
Michael Diflora

I absolutely LOVE this mud bog! It is owned and operated by some incredible people who go above and beyond to ensure you have a great experience!!

Google Review
Michelle Calkins

One of the best places to have fun and enjoy the thrill of the race. Just make sure to bring bug repellent and cash with you!!!

Google Review
Frederick Pou


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